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Membership Rates Details Table
DATE17 Feb - 16 May17 May - 16 Aug17 Aug - 16 Nov17 Nov - 16 Feb
FULL/Affiliate Fee €80.00 €60.00 €40.00 €20.00
STUDENT/Associate Fee €30.00 €25.00 €20.00 €15.00

1. Fee for FULL Membership

Fee for FULL Membership up 16th February 2020                         



2. Fee for STUDENT Membership

 Fee for STUDENT Membership up to 16th February 2020               


3. Minimum Application Fee for New Applicants

Minimum Application Fee for New Applicants includes up to 3 therapies

(If you are applying for registration for more than 3 therapies please choose the next Item No. 3 on our Shopping Cart
and add €5 for each additional therapy)


4. Fee per Additional Therapy

Price is per additional therapy being applied for:

Note: if you have Beauty/Spa/Aesthetic modules treat all of them as 1 therapy.
 (if you have a large number of therapies please email for a quotation)


5. Members Badge

ARCHTI Membership Badge

The ARCHTI Member's badge is a silver enamelled 25mm butterfly clutch with the wording ARCHTI Member and our logo in the centre