Facial Massage - see description

There are various forms of Facial Massage as described below.

EASTERN FACIAL: is a massage incorporating the neck, face and scalp. It works with the facial meridians and tsubo (acupuncture points) and can achieve a balance in the entire facial skin, muscles and internal organs. It can gently stimulate the nervous system to increase blood and lymph circulation, repair and balance the condition of the skin.

FACIAL REJUVENATION (Indian Face Massage) : is a natural facelift using massage designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger and can work by freeing constrictions within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue.
See also Facial Acupuncture which is also referred to as Facial Rejuvenation but is quite different from the above description and can only be treated by qualified Acupuncturists.

NATURAL FACIAL is a facial treatment using natural products. A Natural Facial treatment consists of a cleanse, tone, warm compress, mask, and a massage of the face and neck. It can be used as a treatment in its own right or as an add-on to another treatment. A Natural Facial treatment can leave you with a vibrant, radiant appearance.

HOT STONE is a facial massage using smooth heated basalt stones which are arranged on pressure points on the face to relieve stressed facial and neck muscles.


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