Kairos Therapy

Kairos Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive method of hands-on healing.  Kairos Therapists use the natural flow of chi between their hands which can induce profound relaxation of physical stress and deep tensions.  Precision techniques target and release contractions that hold deeper layers of blocked emotion and trauma which can allow them to surface and leave the body.

What happens during a session?   After a short discussion you lie on a comfortable Kairos credle.  Your Therapist will place their hands gently on your fully clothed body and will start to reverse the contractions of old emotions and tensions.  You may go into a refreshing sleep, feel warmth, tingles or other physical sensations, see images or colours, feel emotions, recall memories, become deeply relaxed or discover a current problem being resolved.

Kairos can help : improve relationships

                         : release painful emotions

                         : develop confidence and self-esteem

                              :   increase effectiveness

                        : cope better with change

                        : enhance self-awareness

                        : strengthen decision-making ability

                        : communicate better

                        : reduce pain and stress

                       : heighten well-being

Emotions are energy in motion.  To stay healthy and happy we need to move, breathe and experience our emotions.  Stress can cause shallow breathing.  This slows down our chi or life energy.  When we repress emotions they are held in our bodies.   When we are unable to fully experience emotions we store them as tension, muscle aches, upset stomachs, migraines, nightmares, tiredness, panic attacks, depression, etc.        Our  bodies' natural response to trauma is to shut down as we are unable to cope with the myriad of emotions - but they stay in our bodies until they can be released.  Kairos can be one of the most effective tools available to gently bring about this release.

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